I am trying to install Basemap using pip, however at some point it reaches the error:

note: This error originates from a subprocess, and is likely not a problem with pip.
      error: legacy-install-failure
      × Encountered error while trying to install package.
      ╰─> numpy
      note: This is an issue with the package mentioned above, not pip.
      hint: See above for output from the failure.
      [end of output]
  note: This error originates from a subprocess, and is likely not a problem with pip.
error: subprocess-exited-with-error

I do not really know what to do here, and I could not find anyone who encountered the same error. I have tried upgrading pip and setuptools, but they did not seem to help. What should I do?

P.S. I have been trying to install basemap for the past 4 days and I was not very sucessfull. If you know how to install it on MacOS, please hit me up! Thank you!

  • is that arrow pointing to numpy telling you to install numpy ? pip install numpy then install Basemap assuming that it has that dependancy.
    – D.L
    Mar 12, 2022 at 10:04
  • @D.L I assume yes. But I have numpy installed, also I have tried uninstalling it and running without it, still same error. I am kinda confused at this point. Mar 12, 2022 at 12:15
  • Could you provide the complete traceback that you get when trying to install basemap? Note also that basemap does not have precompiled wheels for MacOS in PyPI at the moment; therefore, pip will try to install basemap from the source distribution (i.e. the zip file), and this will only work under certain assumptions (e.g. that you have a C compiler available, or that you define GEOS_DIR so that libgeos can be found).
    – molinav
    Mar 14, 2022 at 12:21

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For Windows:

To install basemap you need to download the wheel file from this path:


for python 3.10 this will be the file:


Then you have to go to the folder where the above mentioned .whl file is saved and run this command from there:

pip install basemap‑1.3.2‑cp310‑cp310‑win_amd64.whl

For Mac OS please refer:


Make sure you have:

brew install geos
brew install matplotlib
brew install numpy
brew install proj

Add export GEOS_DIR="/user/local/Cellar/geos/3.10.2/" to your .bash profile and reload it via:

source ~/.bash_profile

git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/matplotlib/basemap.git

then in the basemap/packages/basemap directory

pip3 install

For Google Colab:

!sudo apt-get install libgeos-3.6.2
!sudo apt-get install libgeos-dev
!pip install git+https://github.com/matplotlib/basemap#subdirectory=packages/basemap
  • Precompiled binary wheels for Windows are now available from PyPI too, so on Windows the installation simplifies to just a pip install basemap.
    – molinav
    May 27, 2022 at 21:19
  • matplotlib is not available anymore, please install / update matplotplusplus Jun 15, 2022 at 5:34

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