I need to combine SIFT and ORB descriptors of an image.

As you know, SIFT descriptors are of 128-length and ORB descriptors are of 32-length.

At this moment what I do is:

  1. Reshaping SIFT descriptors to 32-length. For instance, reshape a (135, 128) descriptor to a (540, 32) descriptor
  2. Concatenating SIFT and ORB descriptors (since at this moment both have 32-length)


sift_kp, sift_desc = sift.detectAndCompute(img,None)
new_sift_desc = sift_desc.reshape((int(128/32) * sift_desc.shape[0], 32))
orb_kp, orb_img_descriptor = orb.detectAndCompute(img,None)
all_descriptors = np.concatenate((new_sift_desc , orb_img_descriptor), axis=0)

I am wondering if there is a better way to combine these descriptors.

After combinating the descriptors, the idea is to use all_descriptors in order to perform feature matching against another image.

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    why don't you just concatenate them? you will end up with a 128+32=160 dimensional descriptor Mar 14 at 13:03
  • Is it possible to concatenate arrays of different dimensions? If so, could you give me an example please?
    – rayqz
    Mar 14 at 13:04
  • numpy.concatenate(array1, array2) Mar 14 at 13:07
  • I get this error -> ValueError: all the input array dimensions for the concatenation axis must match exactly, but along dimension 1, the array at index 0 has size 128 and the array at index 1 has size 32
    – rayqz
    Mar 14 at 13:12
  • 2
    Think more about how to merge at all because ORB is binary descriptor and sift isnt. You probably wont be happy when either using binary distance metric with a part sift descriptor or euclidean distance with a part binary descriptor.
    – Micka
    Mar 14 at 16:28

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In case someone is interested, what I have finally done is to use ORB in order to detect the images keypoints and use SIFT to compute descriptors from that keypoints


def get_orb_sift_image_descriptors(search_img, idx_img):
    # Initiate SIFT detector
    sift = cv.SIFT_create()
    # Initiate ORB detector
    orb = cv.ORB_create()
    # Find keypoints with ORB
    search_kp_orb = orb.detect(search_img, None)
    idx_kp_orb = orb.detect(idx_img, None)
    # Compute descriptors with SIFT
    search_kp_sift, search_des_sift = sift.compute(search_img, search_kp_orb)
    idx_kp_sift, idx_des_sift = sift.compute(idx_img, idx_kp_orb)
    return search_des_sift, idx_des_sift

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