I have the following golang code which trying to access elements on array my expectation to print bxar ,but it throw error any idea?

package main
import (

type Data struct {
    Args struct {
        Foo string

func main() {
    in := `[{"args": {"foo": "bar"}},{"args": {"foo": "bxar"}}]}`

    var d []Data
    json.Unmarshal([]byte(in), &d)

    fmt.Println("Foo:", d[1].Args.Foo)
    //fmt.Printf("Result: %+v", d)
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    Do not ignore errors. The program panics because you didn’t handle the error from Unmarshal.
    – JimB
    Mar 14, 2022 at 18:15

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The reason it does not work is a typo. There is one too many } in your JSON:


`[{"args": {"foo": "bar"}},{"args": {"foo": "bxar"}}]}`


`[{"args": {"foo": "bar"}},{"args": {"foo": "bxar"}}]`

See this playground: https://go.dev/play/p/sL8Cx8lF6WR

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    To check for the error, you could assign the result of json.Unmarshal into a variable and check / print its value.
    – FirstOne
    Mar 14, 2022 at 17:37

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