This is the first time I have been trying to install managed Anthos into one of the clusters in GKE. I admit I do not fully understand the full process of installation and troubleshooting I have already done.

It looks like a managed service has failed to install. When I run:

kubectl describe controlplanerevision asm-managed -n istio-system

I get this status:

    Last Transition Time:  2022-03-15T14:16:21Z
    Message:               The provisioning process has not completed successfully
    Reason:                NotProvisioned
    Status:                False
    Type:                  Reconciled
    Last Transition Time:  2022-03-15T14:16:21Z
    Message:               Provisioning has finished
    Reason:                ProvisioningFinished
    Status:                True
    Type:                  ProvisioningFinished
    Last Transition Time:  2022-03-15T14:16:21Z
    Message:               Workload identity is not enabled at node level
    Reason:                PreconditionFailed
    Status:                True
    Type:                  Stalled
Events:                    <none>

However, I have Workload identity enabled on a cluster level and I cannot see any options in GCP Console to set that for just a node level.

enter image description here

I am not sure if this is related to istiod-asm-1125-0 logging some errors. One of them is about failure to load CA secret:

enter image description here

Nevertheless, the service mesh does not show as added or connected in Anthos Dashboard. The cluster is registered with Anthos.enter image description here

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    If Workload Identity is the culprit here - you can either create a new node pool which will run your workload or update the existing one (you may expect some downtime).Also - if this doesn't help you please update your question with the reproductions steps and describe your setup better so we can troubleshoot this.
    – Wojtek_B
    Commented Mar 17, 2022 at 8:40

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  1. I created a new node pool with more CPU and more nodes as I was getting warning about not having enough CPU. Istio service mesh increases the need for CPU.

  2. I migrated my deployment from old node pool to the new one.

  3. I run istioctl analyze -A and found a few warnings about istio-injection not being enabled in a few namespaces. I fixed that.

  4. I re run asmcli install command without CA

./asmcli install --project_id my-app --cluster_name my-cluster --cluster_location europe-west1-b --fleet_id my-app --output_dir anthos-service-mesh --enable_all

All or some of the above did the trick.

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