So i'm writing a tiny little plugin for JQuery to remove spaces from a string. see here

(function($) {
    $.stripSpaces = function(str) {
        var reg = new RegExp("[ ]+","g");
        return str.replace(reg,"");

my regular expression is currently [ ]+ to collect all spaces. This works.. however It doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth.. I also tried [\s]+ and [\W]+ but neither worked..

There has to be a better (more concise) way of searching for only spaces.


I would recommend you use the literal notation, and the \s character class:

return str.replace(/\s/g, '');

There's a difference between using the character class \s and just ' ', this will match a lot more white-space characters, for example '\t\r\n' etc.., looking for ' ' will replace only the ASCII 32 blank space.

The RegExp constructor is useful when you want to build a dynamic pattern, in this case you don't need it.

Moreover, as you said, "[\s]+" didn't work with the RegExp constructor, that's because you are passing a string, and you should "double escape" the back-slashes, otherwise they will be interpreted as character escapes inside the string (e.g.: "\s" === "s" (unknown escape)).

"foo is bar".replace(/ /g, '')

Works for me.

jQuery.trim has the following hack for IE, although I'm not sure what versions it affects:

// Check if a string has a non-whitespace character in it
rnotwhite = /\S/

// IE doesn't match non-breaking spaces with \s
if ( rnotwhite.test( "\xA0" ) ) {
    trimLeft = /^[\s\xA0]+/;
    trimRight = /[\s\xA0]+$/;

Remove all spaces in string

// Remove only spaces
Text with spaces 1 1     1     1 
and some

`.replace(/ /g,'');


// Remove spaces and breaklines
Text with spaces 1 1     1     1
and some


In production and works across line breaks

This is used in several apps to clean user-generated content removing extra spacing/returns etc but retains the meaning of spaces.

text.replace(/[\n\r\s\t]+/g, ' ')
  • Nice! Thank you. – Lior Elrom Aug 30 at 13:18

This works just as well: http://jsfiddle.net/maniator/ge59E/3/

var reg = new RegExp(" ","g"); //<< just look for a space.

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