We have Google SAML SSO login (IDP) in our Spring boot application (SP) with Keycloak as IDP broker. The SP initated login (SpringApp -> keycloak -> GoogleSSO -> keycloak -> Spring) works fine. However, if I login to my google account and click my saml application tile from the google app menu, the SSO fails at ACS endpoint with the below error.

Keycloak webpage error image

Below error is logged inside keycloak server logs.

ERROR [org.keycloak.services.resources.IdentityBrokerService] (default task-424) invalidRequestMessage

WARN [org.keycloak.events] (default task-424) type=IDENTITY_PROVIDER_LOGIN_ERROR, realmId=****-realm, clientId=null, userId=null, ipAddress=x.x.x.x, error=invalidRequestMessage

Keycloak Identity Provider Configuration

  • Created new SAML v2.0 Identity provider from Identity providers menu.
  • Redirect URI : https://{keycloak-root}/auth/realms/{realm-name}/broker/{alias}/endpoint
  • First Login Flow: first broker login
  • Service Provider Entity ID: https://{keycloak-root}/auth/realms/{realm-name}
  • Single Sign-On Service URL: {google idp sso url}

Keycloak Client Configuration:

  • Created a new keycloak client for sso.
  • Client Protocol: SAML
  • Signature Algorithm: RSA_SHA_256
  • Name ID Format: Username
  • Valid Redirect URIs: {spring-boot-app-url} after successful authentication from google and keycloak
  • IDP Initiated SSO URL Name: {app-name-string}
  • IDP Initiated SSO Relay State: {spring-boot-app-url}
  • Assertion Consumer Service POST Binding URL: {spring-boot-app-url}

Google SAML App Configuration:

  • Entity ID: https://{keycloak-root}/auth/realms/{realm-name}
  • ACS URL: https://{keycloak-root}/auth/realms/{realm-name}/broker/{alias}/endpoint

Please suggest if any configuration changes has to be made to make idp initiated login work.

UPDATE: We compared the saml request of both SP and IDP login. In IDP login, on successful redirection from google to keycloak ACS url, we found the RelayState parameter is empty. But in SP login, same RelayState parameter has a string value present, which changes on every login.

We could set a default value for RelayState using the Start URL field inside Google SAML app. But the problem is keycloak generates this value dynamically that changes on every login request.

  • So how SAML request looks like? I bet you have wrong entity ID.
    – Jan Garaj
    Mar 20, 2022 at 17:09
  • During IDP initiated login, the RelayState parameter is empty. But if I login through SP, keycloak send some random string in RelayState parameter. I suspect this could be the reason for IDP initiated login failure. EntityID is correct Mar 21, 2022 at 7:44


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