I'm writing a Terraform script for creating Azure MySQL. While selecting the sku_name section, I couldn't find how to select those names. I found this link that describes the pricing tiers. Is there anywhere can I get the list of sku_name and its details on a single link or page?

It is mentioned that the sku_name is of this form mentioned below:

sku_name - (Required) Specifies the SKU Name for this MySQL Server. The name of the SKU, follows the tier + family + cores pattern (e.g. B_Gen4_1, GP_Gen5_8).

But, from where do we get the list of options?

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I always use az-cli to get this kind of information.

You can search for az <service> sku on google and it will usually point you in the right direction.

For Mysql you have:

az mysql server list-skus --location [--subscription]


az mysql server list-skus --location westeurope -o table


SKU         Tier             VCore    Generation
----------  ---------------  -------  ------------
B_Gen5_1    Basic            1        Gen5
B_Gen5_2    Basic            2        Gen5
GP_Gen5_2   GeneralPurpose   2        Gen5
GP_Gen5_4   GeneralPurpose   4        Gen5
GP_Gen5_8   GeneralPurpose   8        Gen5
GP_Gen5_16  GeneralPurpose   16       Gen5
GP_Gen5_32  GeneralPurpose   32       Gen5
GP_Gen5_64  GeneralPurpose   64       Gen5
MO_Gen5_2   MemoryOptimized  2        Gen5
MO_Gen5_4   MemoryOptimized  4        Gen5
MO_Gen5_8   MemoryOptimized  8        Gen5
MO_Gen5_16  MemoryOptimized  16       Gen5
MO_Gen5_32  MemoryOptimized  32       Gen5
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For Flexible Server, you can call the Location Based Capabilities - List.

Get capabilities at specified location in a given subscription.

For Single Server, use Location Based Performance Tier - List.

List all the performance tiers at specified location in a given subscription.


Just refer to the official terraform documentation of azurerm_postgresql_flexible_server.

The mapping is explained there. From Azure GUI you can find out the options available and then convert it to the mapping that terraform supports.

enter image description here

az cli also works but from my experience it doesn't show all the options available.

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