Have read about differences of the two here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/devops/project/wiki/provisioned-vs-published-wiki?view=azure-devops.

Would like to try out code as wiki, however, want to have a backup plan in case I want to switch back to the provisioned one.

Once I have tried the "published code as wiki" does anyone know how to import the contents from a repo backup and make it "provisioned one"?

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If you have already created a project wiki and add a code wiki, the two wiki's will coexist (see screenshot):

Wikis coexist

If the Code wiki is not the way to go, you can unpublish it only leaving the project wiki in place.

If the Code wiki is the way to go, removing a provisioned (project) wiki doesn't seem to be an option in the UI. Still, there are options to Delete default project Wiki in Azure DevOps using the API.


To copy content from a code wiki to a provisioned wiki:

  1. Clone the new, provisioned wiki with the clone button next to the wiki's title
  2. Put the files from your old code wiki into this new repo
  3. Make a commit and push to origin

Refresh the wiki in your browser and you will see the


As another solution said, you can unpublish the Code wiki if you want to keep the project wiki.

If you want to keep only the Code wiki then you can download the project wiki as a git repo and replace all content. After having pushed the new content you can delete the (old) Code wiki.

Editing history will be lost but that is hopefully not important to you.

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