I'm trying to create a simple macro using varargs, but I'm getting "va_start used in function with fixed args" and I don't understand why and where I'm wrong. The code is the following:

#define FOO(obj, ...) \
    va_list args; \
    va_start(args, obj); \
    NSString *currentObject; \
    while ((currentObject = va_arg(args, NSString*)) != nil) { \
        NSLog(@"string: %@", currentObject); \
    } \

The va_list type and its associated operations are for variadic functions. They don't work for variadic macros, which use __VA_ARGS__ and work somewhat differently.

In this example I can't see any reason to use a macro; you should probably just use a function instead. If it turns out that you do need a macro, you will probably end up having to pass __VA_ARGS__ as the arguments to a variadic function, which can then unpack the arguments and perform further work.

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Macros aren't functions. In fact, they don't even work anything like functions. In particular, they don't really "do" variable arguments.

To wit: When you insert this in some other function or method, the macro is expanded and inserted textually. Unless that function has a variable argument list starting after whatever you passed in as obj, that just won't do.

(There are ways to get macros to "do" variable arguments, but it's almost certainly a terrible idea, and almost certainly not necessary.)

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