I have the same types of nodes in a Neo4j graph. I want to return node value sums. Below is an example graph:

enter image description here

I want to return them in such a way that node values (vals) are summed w.r.t alias and name fields.

{"name": "a", "val": 120},
{"name": "b", "val": 60}

The first object summed nodes with name value x, y, and a because x and y had an alias field with value a.


Indeed, val property in the nodes represents number of RELATED_TO relationships that a node has. I wanted to abstract that for simplifying the question. The real scheme is as shown below. Every white node has several RELATED_TO relationships to green nodes. How can I map the number of such relationships to terminal nodes (summing val fields)?

enter image description here

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this should do it

RETURN COALESCE(n.alias, n.name) AS name, sum(n.val) AS val
  • Thank you @Graphileon. Actually, I do not have val property in my nodes and I could not extend your answer to my original problem. Could please take a look at the UPDATED section of the question?
    – Erdem Tuna
    Commented Mar 25, 2022 at 8:05

Given your update you can count the relationships summed over alias or name by

MATCH (n)<-[rel:RELATED_TO]-()
RETURN COALESCE(n.alias, n.name) AS name, count(rel) AS cnt

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