i always find that error everytime i export a database from phpmyadmin using XAMPP. this is what it looks like,


but, if i download another file from youtube, or pinterest, or any other site, then there will be no problem.

i ask my univeristy friend, and most of them doesn't have the solution because most of them doesn't have a problem like that. thank you!

  • It could be due to exporting a large sets of data. You trying to do that?
    – DJ Hemath
    Mar 25 at 10:18
  • Some tipps when exporting: 1) If you try to export the whole database and it fails, try to export single tables only. 2) disable foreign key checks 3) if it still doesn't work, update your php.ini so you can export larger files 4) if nothing works, try to export via commandline
    – toffler
    Mar 25 at 10:22
  • How big is the database you're trying to export? Are there any hints in the MySQL or Apache error logs? Can you try with a different browser? Do you have any kind of firewall or IPS on your network? Mar 26 at 13:43

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Downgrading to older PHP version solves this problem. phpMyAdmin 5.1.3 currently has issues with PHP 8.1. So, I downgraded to 7.4.28.

  • It's actually only a problem with PHP 8.0.17 and 8.1.4 specifically. I downgraded to 8.1.3 and was back up and running. Apr 5 at 14:44
  • I confirm the issue with php 8.0.17
    – Usama
    Apr 6 at 23:08
  • also with PMA 5.1.1 + PHP 8.0.17
    – droplet
    Apr 11 at 16:33
  • Also with PMA 5.1.1 and PHP 8.0.18, instead with PHP 7.4.29 it works May 3 at 15:13
  • 2
    With PMA 5.1.3 and PHP version 8.1.5, the issue remains!
    – Ted
    May 16 at 6:55

This looks like it's already reported phpMyAdmin https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/issues/17445, it seems there's a bug or change with how PHP handles sending headers that affects phpMyAdmin. I'd expect the next phpMyAdmin release to fix this.


phpmyadmin export network error on php 8.1.4

when i tried to export test database as sql it gives me an error file as test.sql i renamed it as html and copied to pma folder and accessed via localhost/phpmyadmin/test.html it shows

index.php: Missing parameter: what
index.php: Missing parameter: export_type

see error image

phpMyAdmin 5.1.3 hase issue with php8.1.4 Downgrading to older PHP version solves this problem. i downgraded to 8.0.18. it works for me

  • 5
    There is a Workaround!!! simlpy use the option: show Output as Text. Then Copy Paste the Output to a Textfile ans save ist.
    – ratmalwer
    May 4 at 12:48

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