My request is simple.

I want to put a form (a text field let's say) on a Sharepoint page, with a submit button.

When i submit, I want the URL to be reposted with the s="textfromtextfield".

Say i was on a url http://site/site.aspx?p=x clicking submit will take me to:


If this button "is completely yours" and not one of sharepoint controls you might try writing the following code on the button click handling method on the server side.

Page.Response.Redirect(newUrl, true);
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More than likely you want to open the page in SharePoint Designer and add/play with form actions. Check this page for details (rather than attempt to communicate it step by step):


FYI. SharePoint Designer is now free for download from Microsoft.

If you have never edited a form in SharePoint Designer, this may help:


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