I would like to add pipes ("|") between menu items for one of the menus on my Drupal 7 site (theme name is "thompson"). I figured the best way to do this is to create a function in my template.php file called thompson_menu_link. I did that and it is successfully modifying the menus, but it's changing all the menus. Is there a way I can do this for just one menu on my site?

Currently, I used the admin pages to add my footer menu (url path: menu-footer-menu) to the Footer block. Should I call it a different way?

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Apparently Drupal core provides the ability to theme menu links by menu name. For the Main menu the following theme function should work


Alternatively you could use the Menu Block module to create menu blocks. Among other things the module creates additional theme suggestions. From the module's README:

Menu block uses Drupal core's menu theme functions. However, it also provides theme hook suggestions that can be used to override any of the theme functions called by it. ...

  • theme_menu_link() can be overridden by creating one of:
    • [theme]_menu_link__[menu name]()
    • [theme]_menu_link__menu_block()
    • [theme]_menu_link__menu_block__[menu name]()
    • [theme]_menu_link__menu_block__[block id number]()
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I've messed with the thompson_menu_link() function a bit. I don't like how I did it, but it got the job done. Basically, it reads in the menu name, and uses a conditional to return the <li> element with a pipe afterward. Here's the whole block:

function thompson_menu_link(array $variables) {
  $element  = $variables['element'];
  $menuName = $variables['element']["#original_link"]["menu_name"];
  $sub_menu = '';

  if ($element['#below']) {
    $sub_menu = drupal_render($element['#below']);

  $output = l($element['#title'], $element['#href'], $element['#localized_options']);

  if ($menuName == "menu-footer-menu" && !in_array("last",$element['#attributes']['class']) {
    $finalString = '<li' . drupal_attributes($element['#attributes']) . '>' . $output . $sub_menu . "</li>|\n";
  else {
    $finalString = '<li' . drupal_attributes($element['#attributes']) . '>' . $output . $sub_menu . "</li>\n";

  return $finalString;
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    You have an error in if ($menuName == "menu-footer-menu" && !in_array("last",$element['#attributes']['class']) {. Needs another ) at the end. – canadiancreed Mar 13 '15 at 18:09

the best way you can make it is installing the following module:


This module lets you add special classes to some menu entries, so you just have to add a class rightpipe and define that class like:

.rightpipe { border-right: 1px solid black }


.rightpipe { background: url(1pixel_line_separator.png) no-repeat center right }

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