I am facing an issue connecting my socket io flutter client to my nodejs socket io server. I am aware of the compatibility issue between the node socket io package and the flutter socket io client package. Hence, I installed only compatible versions of dependencies on both ends.

i.e., for flutter

socket_io_client: ^1.0.2

and for server side.

   "socket.io": "^2.4.1",

I have also tried the latest dependencies but I am getting the same timeout message in my logs, Initially, I thought it was my server's issue, but I checked the connection using postman and it works.

Below I am adding my implementations for both server and client side,

const { socketGuard } = require('./middlewares/socketio.middleware');
let io;

module.exports = {

    init: (server) => {
        io = require("socket.io")(server, { cors: { origin: '*' } });

        io.use(async (socket, next) => {

            let result = await socketGuard(socket);

            if (result.isValid) {
            else {
                next(new Error("Not authorized"));


        io.on("connection", (socket) => {

            console.log(`${socket.id} : connected`);


        return io;

    get: () => {

        if (!io) {

            throw new Error("Socket io not initialized");


        return io;



and for flutter, I have added the following lines in the init function,

    io.Socket socket = io.io("");

    socket.onConnect((data) {log("Hello world");});

    socket.onConnectError((data) {log(data);});

    socket.onError((data) {log(data);});

    socket.on("message", (data) {log(data);});
  • Did you mange to make it work? NodeJS side working fine. But flutter is not connecting nodejs socket.io!
    – wildCat
    Mar 31, 2022 at 11:06
  • Yes it's working now Apr 1, 2022 at 9:29

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As per the socket_io client readme

In Flutter env. not (Flutter Web env.) it only works with dart:io websocket, not with dart:html websocket or Ajax (XHR), so in this case you have to add setTransports(['websocket']) when creates the socket instance.

Try adding an options Map when you initialize your socket.

This is just a different way of doing the same thing from the example in pub.dev.

io.Socket socket = io.io("", <String, dynamic>{
    "transports": ["websocket"],

On one of my projects I can confirm that it doesn't work without this being passed in.

  • If you don;t mind can elaborate why this happened Mar 31, 2022 at 3:45
  • Actually my only mistake was that I tested with two implementation and in second implementation I must have done typo (websocket -> websockets), cause I believe I passed that argument before also, I am editing my implementation. Mar 31, 2022 at 3:47

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