I generated my app using JHipster, I chose Oracle database in dev and prod. then in application-dev.yml, application-prod.yml and in pom.xml I set the username, the password and the name of my Oracle database. When I run mvnw I got this

2022-04-01 02:36:55.530  WARN 3020 --- [on-rd-vs-task-1] t.j.c.liquibase.AsyncSpringLiquibase     : Starting Liquibase asynchronously, your database might not be ready at startup!

Thank you in advance!

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You are using liquibase in async mode.

The goal of this message is to remind you that your application might have started whereas the database is not ready.

If you want your database be ready once your application is started, you have to run liquibase in sync mode.

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