My question is probably a insane idea, however, it's very valuable when I write code for educational purpose.

Especially when code is relevant to math and physics subject, images inserted in comment are more convenient and articulated.

Until now, I can't find a way succeed to insert true image into comment, not c# nor python or any other common programming language or IDEs.

Using tools that convert image to ASCII image is a workaround with less precise.

Any idea is appreciate

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    Format the code using LaTeX for presentation to students. Embed useful images that way. – zellio Aug 24 '11 at 5:46
  • In some scenarios, deliver code directly to students is needed. Ppt, blog post or a LaTeX formatted article is not necessary for just one more image. – Alex Chen Aug 24 '11 at 6:05

There is an example here that extend the Visual Studio 2010 editor: Image Insertion (but it's tied to Visual Studio, not a generic solution)

  • Thanks simon, it's a good solution when I teach C# – Alex Chen Aug 24 '11 at 6:07

Literate Programming tools work this way; you basically use TeX or something to write the code, then run a preprocessor which extracts the code snippets into an intermediate source file. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Literate_programming

  • thanks @tripleee. Woot, I have never known literate programming. The wiki is a good start for me. – Alex Chen Aug 24 '11 at 6:12

Each SHFB project is it's own container for everything seen in the documentation project. When it's compiled, the (program project's") XML doc is pulled into SHFB to be put into the document.

If you want to show images in the top section of the class documentation, you must add the image to the SHFB project and refer to that image from the code comment. See Problem 2...

Problem 1:

"I can't get an image to show from a conceptual topic using the 'image' tag"

  1. Make sure to use the proper XML markup similar to this:

           <image xlink:href="MyMainImage"/>
  2. Notice that the Href (above) doesn't have the file type associated,
    this is because Sandcastle wants the ID instead.

  3. Add the image to the project using the default media folder. Or, if you want you can create your own folder e.g Images.
  4. Go to properties page of the image and set Build action to Image. When you use an "image" tag, SHFB only uses the Image ID found in the properties page, seen in the HREF above.
  5. Recompile the project and open up the CHM file and you will see the image.

Problem 2:

"I cannot get an Image to show using Code commenting XML markup in the programming project".

  1. In the summary section of the code comment, the markup can look like this:

    /// <summary>   
    /// <remarks><img src="\Images\MyImage.PNG"/></remarks>
    /// </summary>
  2. Note that the src attribute does contain the file type. It also must correctly identify the folder that your SHFB project has for that image.

  3. After adding that image to the SHFB right click on it and change the "Build Action" property to Content

Happy coding and documenting! Thanks goes to Eric W.

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I think you're using the wrong tool for your problem. An IDE is a 'development' environment so it's not very important to have complete control over styling.

I would use something else (like LaTeX, see the comment) for you presentation.

  • Thanks @thekip. Sometimes, code is good enough to show to students. But publish a blog or a paper just for one image is waste of time. That's the reason I ask this question. – Alex Chen Aug 24 '11 at 6:02

Why don't use a free image hosting like http://imgur.com and insert image link to code comment?

Then the only problem for a student would be to copypaste link to browser from any IDE. Quite easy though.

Maybe some IDEs have the ability to "underline" links so that you can click it instead of copypasting.

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