I am currently running some script on Google script to call the Salesforce REST API and download the data into Google Sheets.

I am using the Google Sheets library id 1B7FSrk5Zi6L1rSxxTDgDEUsPzlukDsi4KGuTMorsTQHhGBzBkMun4iDF, which is the OAuth2 Library which can be found on github here.

I then, as instructed, use the following call to actually authenticate the Salesforce API with the following code:

var CLIENT_ID = {I get this from the connected SalesForce app};
var CLIENT_SECRET = {I get this from the connected SalesForce app};

function getService() {
  // Create a new service with the given name. The name will be used when
  // persisting the authorized token, so ensure it is unique within the
  // scope of the property store.
  return OAuth2.createService('salesforce')
      // Set the endpoint URLs

      // Set the client ID and secret, from the Google Developers Console.

      // Set the name of the callback function in the script referenced
      // above that should be invoked to complete the OAuth flow.

      // Set the property store where authorized tokens should be persisted.
       // .setCache(CacheService.getDocumentCache())
      // Set the scopes to request (space-separated for Google services).
     // .setScope('r_organization_social,r_basicprofile,r_liteprofile,rw_organization_admin,r_ads_reporting,r_ads')

      // Below are salesforce-specific OAuth2 parameters.

        .setParam('response_type', 'code')
      // Forces the approval prompt every time. This is useful for testing,
      // but not desirable in a production application.
      //.setParam('approval_prompt', 'force');

function authCallback(request) {
  var salesforceService = getService();
  var isAuthorized = salesforceService.handleCallback(request);
  if (isAuthorized) {
    return HtmlService.createHtmlOutput('Success! You can close this tab.');
  } else {
    return HtmlService.createHtmlOutput('Denied. You can close this tab');

function logOut() {
  var service=getService();

function salesforceAPI() {
  var service = getService();
  if (service.hasAccess()) {
    //exchange authorisation code for access token
    // sheet.getSheetByName('Settings').getRange(3,2).setValue(getService().getAccessToken());

    var tokenURL = 'https://flolive.my.salesforce.com/services/oauth2/token';

    var parameters = 'grant_type=authorization_code&code='+getService().getAccessToken()+'&redirect_uri='+getService().redirect_uri+'&client_id='+CLIENT_ID+'&client_secret='+CLIENT_SECRET;

 var options = {
   'method': 'POST',
   'contentType': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
  'muteHttpExceptions': true,    
   'payload': parameters

  var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(tokenURL,options);
  var json = JSON.parse(response.getContentText());


  return json;

  } else {
    var authorizationUrl = service.getAuthorizationUrl();
    var template = HtmlService.createTemplate(
        '<a href="<?= authorizationUrl ?>" target="_blank">Authorize</a>. ' +
        'Reopen the sidebar when the authorization is complete.');
    template.authorizationUrl = authorizationUrl;
    var page = template.evaluate();
    SpreadsheetApp.getUi().showModalDialog(page,'Authorise salesforce');


Now I didn't have a problem with this. All the calls I made worked. I checked the callback url in the connected app, and everything was fine.

When I tried to output some of the data to a different worksheet, things stopped working.

So now I have 2 worksheets.

SF API Backend - This is where I put all the settings and references for the API Logged Meetings - This is where I output the data that I'm trying to pull, which are the activities.

At first everything worked and I could output properly. However, when I added the API backend worksheet, at first it didn't work. I didn't get any errors, no data got pulled in.

I thought it was because it needed a different callback url, so I added it. Then, for some reason, I used the logOut() function mentioned above to try and reset the connection. That's when I started getting this error Error: Access not granted or expired. Service_.getAccessToken @ Service.gs:466.

I looked online and thought it had something to do with the PropertyService. So I deleted all the PropertyService keys. I even switched in the getService() function from .setPropertyStore(PropertiesService.getDocumentProperties()) to .setCache(CacheService.getDocumentCache()) (which is now commmented out).

Still the same error.

Then I went into Salesforce and get a set access token and replaced +getService().getAccessToken() with that.

I get this error TypeError: Cannot read property 'setClientId' of undefined at getService(SalesForceAuthentication:15:7) at salesforceAPI(SalesForceAuthentication:56:17)

I'm not sure why I get that error, since the code I changed wasn't even in that function.

And that's currently where I am.

I don't see anything blacklisted or any settings that would mess around or block this.

I even tried rebuilding the entire thing and then copying the code (only the code) to a different script. I got the same error Error: Access not granted or expired. Service_.getAccessToken @ Service.gs:466.

This leads me to think that the Client Secret/Client Id is being blocked somehow.

  • About When I tried to output some of the data to a different worksheet, things stopped working, how are you executing this? Is this a script bound to a spreadsheet, and you copied that to another spreadsheet? Or is it an add-on? In any case, most likely the problem is that you are using .setPropertyStore(PropertiesService.getDocumentProperties()), so when you change the spreadsheet, that data doesn't persist. I don't think .setCache(CacheService.getDocumentCache()) solves any of this.
    – Iamblichus
    Apr 4, 2022 at 10:03
  • Consider using .setPropertyStore(PropertiesService.getUserProperties()) or .setPropertyStore(PropertiesService.getScriptProperties()) instead, which can persist on multiple documents (not sure if changing this will solve this, since I don't understand whether this is a bound script or something else).
    – Iamblichus
    Apr 4, 2022 at 10:04
  • @lamblichus it is a script that's attached to a particular spreadsheet and it's being executed either using a menu that I created used ui.createMenu. Would disassociating it help? I'm still getting TypeError: Cannot read property 'setClientId' of undefined
    – Jknight
    Apr 4, 2022 at 12:06
  • @lamblichus, your solution worked. If you set it as the answer, I'll make it as the answer.
    – Jknight
    Apr 5, 2022 at 6:33

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When you use getDocumentProperties() to store the authorization data:

Gets a property store (for this script only) that all users can access within the open document, spreadsheet, or form

The data is not available if you use a different spreadsheet than the one where it was stored.


If you want this to work for multiple spreadsheets, use getScriptProperties() or getUserProperties() instead, which can persist on multiple documents (only if you're using the same script).

  • this was working for a little bit and then I started getting INVALID_SESSION_ID Session expired or invalid errors. I tried resetting the token by the logout script which is function logOut() { PropertiesService.getDocumentProperties().deleteAllProperties(); PropertiesService.getUserProperties().deleteAllProperties(); PropertiesService.getScriptProperties().deleteAllProperties(); var service=getService(); service.reset(); }
    – Jknight
    Apr 5, 2022 at 15:33
  • I tried hardcodding the initial access token from the app itself and got the same INVALID_SESSION_ID error as above.
    – Jknight
    Apr 5, 2022 at 15:35
  • @Jknight Can you still retrieve an access token from the service? If you use that to call the API in a different context, can you access it? Also, you are using the same script all the time, right?
    – Iamblichus
    Apr 6, 2022 at 7:16
  • I rewrote the code elsewhere and fixed up some errors and yes I could get the accesstoken, when running on a different project. I then took the access token and hardcoded that into the old script and it worked, but this isn't a long term solution
    – Jknight
    Apr 6, 2022 at 8:33
  • 1
    G'day @Iamblichus, I was actually going about this the wrong way. Apparently, SalesForce tokens need to be constantly refreshed. I found the answer in the question I posed here - https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/373168/access-rest-api-from-google-apps-script
    – Jknight
    Apr 8, 2022 at 11:12

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