How do you auto start golang scripts in PM2 on Ubuntu 20.04? this is how I run golang scripts:


I tried pm2 start "./rimgo" --name rimgo but it didn't work. What is the correct command?

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I already run a Golang script. Check this steps:

  1. go build main.go For to build the script. This must generate a main binary file.
  2. Grant execution permission for this file with sudo chmod +x main
  3. Try to execute from command line with ./main
  4. Update the pm2 to latest & type pm2 start ./main --name FooBar

you can follow this steps :

  1. Create you binary using go build main.go
  2. give execution permission to the binary using sudo chmod +x main.
  3. create a package.json file:
    "apps" : [{
      "name"        : "main",
      "script"      : "./main"

and finally:

execute :

pm2 start package.json

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