I have created a java monolithic project through jhipster and I tried to sign in but getting error.

Compiled successfully.
<e> [webpack-dev-server] [HPM] Error occurred while proxying request localhost:9000/api/account to http://localhost:8080/ [ECONNREFUSED] (https://nodejs.org/api/errors.html#errors_common_system_errors)
<e> [webpack-dev-server] [HPM] Error occurred while proxying request localhost:9000/management/info to http://localhost:8080/ [ECONNREFUSED] (https://nodejs.org/api/errors.html#errors_common_system_errors)

Can anyone please help me with this?enter image description here

  • how did you start your application, from what you have posted here it looks like you have started the webapp using npm start (inferring from port 9000). In that case you will also have to start you server (./mvnw if you are using maven as your build tool). Once you have the server running, you should be good to go...
    – Dwaraka
    Apr 5 at 14:09


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