I was wondering if anyone tried migrating between TS and SVN/CC. What I mean by migrating is importing and exporting the repository between source control systems without losing the history.

How good are the tools to migrate to and from VSTS?

I am also interested in knowing any opinion regarding using Team System from users of SVN and continuous integration.

EDIT: Assume I need the history, otherwise why use a SCM?

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Try tfs2svn... worked great for a project with 1200 TFS changesets. It was a bit fussy to setup when svn authentication is enabled, but otherwise great.



I'm not a totally expert in team system but I found the recent dotnetrocks show on team server to be really interesting:


I think it might hold some information that could be of use to you.


In a recent episode of DotNetRocks! Brian Randell and Martin Woodward are of the opinion that in adopting a new Source Control / SCM system you're probably better off starting from a clean slate (begin with the most recent release and don't try to migrate history, and use the original system for read-only viewing of change history / blame).

Their discussion was focussed on Visual Source Safe rather than SVN and clearly the migration from/to SVN won't be nearly so problematic but I still think it's good advice. Ask yourself the question "how often do I really need the history?". Is it more work than justifies the benefit? Are you just making a rod for your own back? (...insert metaphor here...)

Update: whoa! someone just gave exactly the same answer at the same time as me - spooky!

  • Nice, overview of that episode! dotnetrocks certainly does do exactly what it says on the tin :) – Almond Sep 16 '08 at 13:16

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