I have developed interactive application in python using jupyter notebook with ipywidgets and use voila to run the notebook. On my development system (with internet) I have the application working flawlessly. But on the system without internet the application does not load. On inspection with developer tools, the web application is trying to load scripts from mathjax, font-awesome and here

If anyone could guide me on how to workaround this problem ? Run jupyter notebook application with ipywidgets without internet. Can we change some settings / configuration to use the static copy of these dependencies?

---- Update On the system without internet, running jupyter lab and notebook and running the cells works perfectly fine. I am able to view the font-awesome icons and other ipywidgets. This issue is observed only using voila

Thanks in advance for your help.

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    One suggestion would be to summarize this and link to this post on the Jupyter Discourse Forum in the hopes of getting more eyes to see this. There's been talk, more about in the JupyterLite context, about making things work better offline ultimately and so maybe someone knows a better path than any clunky workaround I could suggest looking into.
    – Wayne
    Apr 9 at 17:36
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    Thank you @Wayne I have added a post at the Jupyter Discourse Forum. Apr 10 at 13:56

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Looks like we need to override the references to cdn and fontawesome in the templates of voila with local references. Please find the reply from Jupyter discourse forum here.


I had the same issue about "font-awesome" icons which is not working with voila. To workaround it, I'm now using unicode characters in description strings instead of icon property.

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