I know that it is possible to get all the SQL queries that were run for the current request/response when DEBUG is on by looking at connection.queries. The django-debug-toolbar also helps a lot on development.

The problem is that my production server is under high load and I would like to log the queries that are being executed for each view so I can optimize the pages that are creating more queries first.

Is it possible to do that without modifying my database driver?

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In Django 1.3, I see class BaseDatabaseWrapper in django/db/backends/__init__.py has an attribute use_debug_cursor. This class is the wrapper for the django.db.connection object that represents the default database connection (docs). Seems like setting this attribute to true would cause Django to use a CursorDebugWrapper from django/db/backends/util.py, which logs all queries it executes, instead of a CursorWrapper, which does not.

use_debug_cursor is not present in Django 1.2, which is what I have installed on this machine at the moment, so I can't test it right now. If I have a few minutes, I'll try to get a dummy 1.3 project started to test this out...I may well be in over my head here!

use_debug_cursor was renamed to force_debug_cursor in Django 1.8

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