When deploying a gateway application to Heroku, the auto-generated application-heroku.yml will generate jdbc configs. However, I am unable to generate a gateway application that doesn't rely on the r2dbc connection. Unsure if this is intended as monoliths will still use jdbc unless stated as reactive. I have explicitly set gateway generation to reactive false, but it still generates with r2dbc.

Currently, any gateway application deployed to Heroku will break and be unable to access the gateway's db.

jhipster version v7.8.1

I'm currently trying to work through the configurations manually, but unsure whether r2dbc has runtime variables that I can access in the same way that the jdbc does. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: it looks like all gateways are set to reactive as of 7.0.0 https://www.jhipster.tech/2021/03/21/jhipster-release-7.0.0.html

  • Looks like a bug to report on github rather than a question for stackoverflow. Apr 11 at 8:36


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