Again, working on my audio player...

I've rediscovered a mediasession updater in my code that adds a little notification from the browser with controls for my music, and it used to work ok, a little finicky, but now...

Nothing. I tinkered around a bit and got my play/pause buttons working, along with the next/prev songs and seek buttons, and the music title and artist. But I have now found that if you press the play button, the next/prev button, or sometimes the pause button, that the options and the song details disappear, leaving me with only the play/pause button, which works perfectly...

Now, to the code. I have a function that loads the songs in my player (loadSong(songIndex)), and near the end, I have a few lines of code that reset the navigator's metadata:

navigator.mediaSession.metadata.title = song.songname;
navigator.mediaSession.metadata.author = song.artistname;
navigator.mediaSession.metadata.artwork = ("./Music/" + song.thumbnail);

The artist and name work perfectly, but the thumbnail doesn't... More on that in a separate question.

I set up the actual controls like this:

/*media controls*/
let index = 0;
let skipTime = 10;

const actionHandlers = [
  ['play',          () => { main.playPauseControl.click(); navigator.mediaSession.playbackState = "playing"; updatePositionState();}],
  ['pause',         () => { main.playPauseControl.click(); navigator.mediaSession.playbackState = "paused"; updatePositionState();}],
  ['previoustrack', () => { main.prevControl.click(); updatePositionState();}],
  ['nexttrack',     () => { main.nextControl.click(); updatePositionState();}],
  ['seekbackward',  (details) => { main.audio.currentTime = Math.max(main.audio.currentTime - skipTime, 0); updatePositionState();}],
  ['seekforward',   (details) => { main.audio.currentTime = Math.min(main.audio.currentTime + skipTime, main.audio.duration); updatePositionState();}],

for (const [action, handler] of actionHandlers) {
  try {
    navigator.mediaSession.setActionHandler(action, handler);
  } catch (error) {
    console.log(`The media session action "${action}" is not supported yet.`);

I have some other things linked to the mediaSession in order to register interactions outside the navigator

main.audio.addEventListener('play', function() {
  navigator.mediaSession.playbackState = 'playing';

main.audio.addEventListener('pause', function() {
  navigator.mediaSession.playbackState = 'paused';

Now this all works, initially, but as soon as I interact with the navigator, BOOM, everything disappears. Can someone PLEASE tell me what's happening... this has been bugging me for a while...

P.S. sorry for the long question.

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    According to the documentation on MediaMetadata.artwork you should provide an array of MediaImage objects instead of setting a string. Apr 11, 2022 at 6:36
  • @EmielZuurbier does this mean I will have to add the sizes for every image? In the question I will be posting sometime tomorrow, I have details explaining why that would be such a huge task... Also can i use type: "image/*" as the MIME? Apr 11, 2022 at 6:49
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    You do have to specify the size of an image, but I don't think that you have to include every image size possible. Start with a larger image (512x512) and see what the API does. It might depend on the browser regarding what it does with image/*. According to the docs the browser might try to figure out the MIME-type of the image by itself even if the type is specified. But since there is no compatibility table, you'd have to test this out. Apr 11, 2022 at 6:59
  • I tried navigator.mediaSession.metadata.artwork = [{ src: ("./Thumbnails/" + song.thumbnail), size: "512x512", type: "image/*"}];, didn't work, gonna keep tinkering, let me know if you have any ideas and thank you so much for helping me! Apr 11, 2022 at 7:05
  • You're welcome. Maybe switch from a relative to an absolute path with the src. Apr 11, 2022 at 7:40

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This answer is going to sound weird but have you tried not touching the media session from inside the callbacks? I know the Google Chrome example calls updatePositionState, but it actually has the same play/pause issue as your code.

So concretely, try this:

const actionHandlers = [
  ['play',          () => { main.playPauseControl.click(); }],
  ['pause',         () => { main.playPauseControl.click(); }],
  ['previoustrack', () => { main.prevControl.click(); }],
  ['nexttrack',     () => { main.nextControl.click(); }],
  ['seekbackward',  (details) => { main.audio.currentTime = Math.max(main.audio.currentTime - skipTime, 0); }],
  ['seekforward',   (details) => { main.audio.currentTime = Math.min(main.audio.currentTime + skipTime, main.audio.duration); }],

I've done this for readtomyshoe and it no longer has this issue.

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