I have deployed a Jhipster application in Heroku using PostgreSQL as database. First time I deployed, the entities I created on the JDL file have been created as table on Postgres. Now I have created other entities on the JDL file and I run:

jhipster jdl jhipster-jdl.jdl

to create the entities files. Then I deployed the application on Heroku, but I can't see the new tables on Postgress. I also tried to update the changelogs (master.xml file) with the command:

mvnw liquibase:diff

and deployed again, but I can't still see the tables. What I am doing wrong? How I create new tables on Heroku Postgress database after I updated my jdl ?

  • Well the changes should have been applied by Liquibase at application startup, you should see it in logs. You should consider using --incremental-changelog option to create incremental changelogs for Liquibase and avoid checksum errors. Apr 12 at 9:10


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