Does anyone know if the Infragistics UltraGrid control provides functionality similar to that of DataGridView.HitTestInfo?

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Check this out.

They don't convert the coordinates, but they use a special Infragistics grid event (MouseEnterElement) to get the element, which the mouse currently hovers over.

Maybe it helps.


There's a .MousePosition property which returns System.Drawing.Point and "Gets the position of the mouse cursor in screen coordinates" but I'm using an older version of their UltraWinGrid (2003).

They have a free trial download, so you could see if they've added it to their latest and greatest :o)


If you had a MouseEventHandler for the UltraGrid then you can do the following:

UltraGrid grid = (UltraGrid)sender;

UIElement element = grid.DisplayLayout.UIElement.ElementFromPoint(new Point(e.X, e.Y));

You can then cast the element depending on its expected type using element.GetContext():

 UltraGridCell cell = (UltraGridCell)element.GetContext(typeof(UltraGridCell));

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