got a trouble with GitHub Actions badges.

I have three workflows in my repository.

And I am trying to get their badges in Readme using GitHub links: https://github.com/riZZZhik/belinsky/actions/workflows/tests.yaml/badge.svg https://github.com/riZZZhik/belinsky/actions/workflows/code_analyzis.yaml/badge.svg https://github.com/riZZZhik/belinsky/actions/workflows/push_docker_image.yaml/badge.svg

Badges images have "no status" values:
which is strange, because workflows correctly completed: https://github.com/riZZZhik/belinsky/actions

The question is how to make badges show "passed" / "not passed" based on workflow execution


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I have the same problem. Using the link below instead seems to work.



Also if you use workflow named with space as Android CI you have to put there url space character as

original problematic:

[![Android CI](https://github.com/renetik/renetik-android-core/actions/workflows/android.yml/badge.svg)](https://github.com/renetik/renetik-android-core/actions/workflows/android.yml)

new somehow not problematic:

[![Android CI](https://github.com/renetik/renetik-android-core/workflows/Android%20CI/badge.svg)](https://github.com/renetik/renetik-android-core/actions/workflows/android.yml)

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