I'm using sqlsoup to perform a simple query. My question is how do I close the engine ? thanks!

import sqlalchemy.ext.sqlsoup as SqlSoup

db = SqlSoup('sqlite:///test.sqlite')
res = db.people.filter_by(id = 1).all()

return res[0]

I'm not really sure why you think you need this, but here it is:

import sqlalchemy.ext.sqlsoup as SqlSoup
import sqlalchemy

engine = sqlalchemy.create_engine('sqlite:///test.sqlite')

db = SqlSoup(engine)
res = db.people.filter_by(id = 1).first()


return res

use Query.first() not Query.all()[0], create the engine separately from SqlSoup and pass it that engine. You can dispose the engine afterwards.

Do note that a new pool is created when you dispose the engine; the database is not perminantly disconnected, but any open connections are closed, and no new connections are drawn from the new pool by the dispose operation itself.

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