I'm using the will_paginate gem on a rails 3 app. Right now, it paginates correctly, and shows all the page numbers at the bottom for the listing, as well as the previous and next buttons.

Instead of showing page numbers, I want the pagination to behave like the Facebook news feed. That is, if I am displaying 10 items on the page currently, and the user clicks the 'next' button, the page should extend downwards, and display 20 items overall. I'm looking for a way to modify the will_paginate gem or use AJAX to accomplish this.

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Follow these for showing more results on click of button:

  • Don't use will_paginate tag in the views
  • Use AJAX for fetching the next set of results on click of "next" link

The following code will remove the page numbers and just show the next and prev buttons:

<%= will_paginate @posts, :page_links => false %>

You can find more styles for pagination here

Edited with sample AJAX:

1.Create a form which has page number as hidden field

<%= form_tag url, :id => :filter, :method => :get do%>
    <%= hidden_field_tag :page, page %>
<% end %>

2.Add a span for "More"

<span class='more-results' >More</span>

3.Javascript functions for binding the clicks and AJAX submit of the form

function  bindMoreResults() {

function getMoreResults() {
    var page_value = parseInt(jQuery("form#filter #page").val()) + 1;
    jQuery("form#filter #page").val(page_value);
    var form = jQuery("form#filter");
        form.attr("action") + ".json",

function appendData(data) {
//parse the data and append it

4.Modify the appendData accordingly. Check here for more about getJSON: http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.getJSON/

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    I meant I need details on how to implement the AJAX part of it.
    – Ankit Soni
    Aug 25, 2011 at 20:37
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    @Ankit Soni, added the details for AJAX part.
    – leenasn
    Aug 29, 2011 at 6:48

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