I have run many times github actions on my repo without problem and with the same script on one of my repo it is displaying “no status”. The repo is: https://github.com/aurelpere/python-planif

I dont understand why it is not displaying a status as the workflow runs correctly… Any help would be great thank you

Notice my svg badge also shows "no status" at https://github.com/aurelpere/python-planif/workflows/CI/badge.svg and at https://github.com/aurelpere/python-planif/workflows/Unittests/badge.svg . (following what is in this post : https://github.community/t/badge-shows-no-status-and-no-status-mismatch-between-the-filepath-vs-name-usage/16907 or in this post Github Actions badge shows "No status")

I also tried to duplicate the code in another fresh repo (https://github.com/aurelpere/python-geothermal---power-to-gas/ ) and it is the same, the badge shows no status, so it has nothing to do with the fast forward merge issue from here https://github.community/t/workflow-badge-no-status/17280/2

Edit : solved with the answer below, but i deleted the initial repo and kept only the fresh one if you try to follow the links


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For some reason you have to use the workflow name instead of the yaml file name. This worked for me

<a href="https://github.com/pgonzaleznetwork/forcemula/actions/workflows/nodejs.yaml">
    <img src="https://github.com/pgonzaleznetwork/forcemula/workflows/Tests/badge.svg?style=flat" />
  • Weird, tried it with the workflow name but mine goes directly to the workflow page, completely ignoring the "/badge.svn" part
    – kerzek
    Apr 18 at 1:53
  • But does it show the actual status? That was the main issue on this thread Apr 18 at 15:01

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