I want to run JdeRobot drone_cat_mouse on my Ubuntu 20.04. I'm using ROS Noetic and has faithfully followed these installation instructions. Everything it told me to test was working properly.

When I first ran roslaunch drone_cat_mouse.launch, there was an import error for teleopWidget and sensorsWidget which I fixed by using relative imports. Then I had an error No module named qfi.

No module named qfi

Unlike teleopWidget and sensorsWidget, I couldn't find the qfi module in the JdeRobot/drones source code. So I googled it, and the only relevant result that popped up was this, which led to this link. They said to:

sudo touch /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/qfi/__init__.py

But I ran that command and this happened!

qfi module no exist

Not even pip has a "qfi" module!

y u no qfi?!

So I thought to check JdeRobot's entire repository. Turns out it was in JdeRobot/base, and that repo is not maintained anymore!

After further digging, there was this issue which basically tells us forget about it and move to the web release! But I can't, circumstances forced me to use the source code option (deliverables are drone_cat_mouse.world and my_solution.py, it's impossible for me to get the former in the docker web version and the latter's format is different between the source code version and the web version).

In a nutshell, how do I fix this qfi module problem so that I can run the exercises from source like these people?

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I'm just stupid, as usual. all I need to do was clone https://github.com/JdeRobot/ThirdParty, get the qfi module, copy it to ~/catkin_ws/src/drones/rqt_drone_teleop/src/rqt_vel_teleop/ and replace all qfi imports with its relative import version. All common sense

No errors in terminal, gazebo runs, but somehow the rqt widget for drone vision never appears.


Forget it, I'm giving up on this dumpster fire of a program.

Edit: I did another fresh install, followed the steps, noticed troubleshooting for qfi which required qmake, but same end result

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If you're trying to launch drone_cat_mouse there is an issue with the namespace of the RQT widget that occurs when you try to launch it. Namely, the topics that exist for drone_cat_mouse are prefixed by cat/ or mouse/. But RQT will try to access these topics without the prefix and run into an error. Alternatively, since you have a local install, you can try to run the code manually by running

python my_solution.py

Just make sure the change the area where the DroneWrapper class was called in the following manner:

HAL = DroneWrapper('drone', 'cat/')

Here 'drone' is the name of the node you are creating and 'cat/' is the namespace given to the DroneWrapper Class.

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