Is there a way to set all variables with one set statment, like you can with a declare statement?

For example:

   Declare @Test VARCHAR(10),
                @Test2 VARCHAR(10),
                @Test3 INT

        SET @Test = 'test'
        SET @Test2 = 'Test2'
        SET @Test3 = 1

Where I want to do something like the below, but the below does not work:

Set @Test = 'test',
    @Test2 = 'Test2',
    @Test3 = 3

Instead of SET, use SELECT.

SELECT @Test = 'test',
       @Test2 = 'Test2',
       @Test3 = 3;

Here's a great article on SET vs SELECT in SQL Server / TSQL.

  • Good answer and good link – GôTô Jun 14 '16 at 8:34

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