I have the following method delared by Gl:

public static void Get(int pname, out int @params)

I'm trying to get it using reflection in the following way:

MethodInfo mGetMethod = typeof(Gl).GetMethod("Get",
                                             new Type[] 

But I have no success. Why?

Is it because the out keyword?

  • are you using .NET 4? If so you can use the dynamic keyword to create a reflected object, then call the method directly. That way you don't need the MethodInfo lookup. Downside is, if you get it wrong, you get a runtime exception – ghostJago Aug 25 '11 at 17:58

Use typeof(Int32).MakeByRefType() for your second parameter. I.e.:

MethodInfo mGetMethod = typeof(Gl).GetMethod("Get", bindingFlags.Public|BindingFlags.Static, null, new Type[] { typeof(Int32), typeof(Int32).MakeByRefType() }, null);

If you need to specify the specific overload for the method then definitely go with what @Isaac Overacker said. Otherwise just don't specify the parameters:

MethodInfo mGetMethod = typeof(Gl).GetMethod("Get", BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Static);

The out keyword passes the parameter by reference, which is probably your problem. You will need to flag it as a reference type since C# allows you to overload methods with a byValue and byReference parameter.


How about trying something like this instead:

MethodInfo method = this.GetType().GetMethod("Get");
if (method != null)
    method.Invoke(this, new object[] { "Arg1", "Arg2", "Arg3" });

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