I am developing an Azure function using Python. This function is going to write some data to blob storage. This function having dependencies on couple of azure modules.

  1. azure-functions
  2. azure-storage-blob
    The problem is: The function is unable to detect the libraries though It is installed properly and available in functions virtual environment. Also, I have observed that if I install the first azure-functions and after that azure-storage-blob then import statement from azure.storage.blob import BlobClient unable to detect the module but import azure.functions as func will work, but if I interchange the installation sequence then the import azure.functions as func would get detected but from azure.storage.blob import BlobClient remain unrecognized and will show the error as Import "azure.storage.blob" could not be resolved Pylance (reportMissingImports). So clearly it is a module version conflict.
    I am not sure which version I should use hence seeking the help from the community warriors. Thanks !
    Note: I am using python 3.8.2 for the development purpose.

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Do not install modules one by one manually.
Apply the following steps:

1) Remove the existing virtual environment.
2) Create a new virtual environment.
python -m venv C:\Users\UserName\FunctionApp\.venv
3) It may be required to enable the Activate.ps1 (VS Code updates the virtual environment path itself)
& c:/Users/UserName/FunctionApp/.venv/Scripts/Activate.ps1
4) Put the details of the modules in the requirements.txt file.
5) Debug or run the code. This process itself download the necessary packages.

Now everything is ready. Every import statement would be able to detect the respective modules.


You might be facing this issue due to virtual environment configuration and the module is not getting installed in the right file path.

Points to check:

  1. Make sure your virtual environment is active. For more information on how to activate your virtual environment you can refer How to Create virtual environment in Python

  2. All the modules need to be installed to the < Your_Virtual_Environment>/lib/site-packages directory.

  3. Make sure you are upgrading pip to the latest python -m pip install --upgrade pip.

  4. If you receive the below suggestion try accepting so that you can avoid the above steps but just upgrade pip to latest and install azure-blob-storage.

    enter image description here

After following above steps we could able to use both import azure.functions as func and from azure.storage.blob import BlobClient.

enter image description here


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