I'm new in Grafana, I'm using Grafana with Prometheus database and I have some problem with it.

I want to get value at 2300 - value at 0000.

But I can't find the way to get value at 2300 and 0000.

Is there any way to get value at specific time ?


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I want to get value at 2300 - value at 0000

If you are trying to get the value delta of two point on certain time. You can try delta func in PromQL.

For instance, if I want query_count@1609746000 - query_count@1609742400 (P.S. not a PromQL), the time delta is 1hr, so I can do delta(query_count[1h]@1609746000), it will delta the first and the last value between 1609746000-1h ~ 1609746000

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