When compiling project in XCode 13.2 getting error, in all previous XCode version code working fine. Xcode 13 and above versions throwing errors and not getting any specific file or podname which is cause to error.

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/Users/stevesarsawa/Documents/Projects/MyApp/IOS/:1:1: circular reference

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Error Image

Error Image_2

Here i only getting <unknown> error, and not getting any particular file/class name or framework name which is causing error.

Also tried below mentioned question's solution:-

Note:- Here i tried to run code from different paths e.g. Desktop/Desktop > Subfolder, Document/Document > Subfolder and many others. But nothing is worked. And still getting error as attached images.

  • @vardian sir, please can u help me for this? Apr 28, 2022 at 5:21


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