Most of my screens(views) start out with a Box composable to contain all the child composables(components).

// background
        modifier = Modifier
// foreground


Instead of having to create the modifier properties on every screen, how would you create a reusable modifier?

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In such a simple case, you can do the following (no need to use then):

fun Modifier.myModifier(customColor: Color) =

In case you need to save any state in your modifier using remember or other state builders annotated with @Composable, you can do it with Modifier.composed. For example here's how you can add animation to your modifier:

fun Modifier.myModifier(customColor: Color): Modifier = composed {
    val animatedColor by animateColorAsState(customColor)

Note, that inside composed you should only use state annotated composables, not views. More details can be found here.


You can create it like this

fun Modifier.myModifier(customColor: Color) = this.then(

You also can use this approach:

  1. Create separate file with modifiers, e.g. Paddings.kt
val firstItemOnScreenPaddingModifier = Modifier.padding(top = 24.dp, start = 16.dp, end = 16.dp)
fun Modifier.firstItemOnScreenPadding(): Modifier = this.then(firstItemOnScreenPaddingModifier)

val textFieldPaddingModifier = Modifier.padding(top = 6.dp, start = 16.dp, end = 16.dp)
fun Modifier.textFieldPadding(): Modifier = this.then(textFieldPaddingModifier)
  1. Use like this:
Text(text = "test", modifier = firstItemOnScreenPaddingModifier)

or like this then you need more complicated modifier:

    text = "test", 
    modifier = Modifier
        .background(color = Color.White)

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