Recently switched from Docker Desktop to Podman, everything work smoothly except when I want to mount host volume into container. e.g.

➜  ~ podman run --name nginx -v ~/bin/nginx/nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:ro -d -p 8080:80 nginx
Error: statfs /Users/rb/bin/nginx/nginx.conf: no such file or directory

➜  ~  ls -lt ~/bin/nginx/nginx.conf                                                                 
-rw-r--r--  1 rb staff  490 Apr 23 14:31 /Users/rb/bin/nginx/nginx.conf

The host file ~/bin/nginx/nginx.conf do exist, so what's the problem here?


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Try the following:

  1. Restart of VM:

    podman machine stop; podman machine start

    As @rafagarci mentioned in comments, sometimes new start failed and you should run these commands again a few times.

    Then mount (-v) works fine.

  2. If restart doesn't help then try to recreate your podman machine:

    podman machine stop
    podman machine rm
    podman machine init # you may specify parameters for your VM
    podman machine start

    In documentation you may find parameters for podman machine init command.

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    I had to stop and re-start podman multiple times until it successfully mounted my machine's directories.
    – rafagarci
    Jun 26 at 8:33

On podman 4.5.1 this should not be an issue anymore , the default Podman machine already mounts /Users, /private and /var/folders in macOS.

If you are getting Error: statfs /Users/xxxxx/yyyy : no such file or directory it's probably a temporary error do

podman machine stop
podman machine start
Waiting for VM ...
Mounting volume... /Users:/Users
Mounting volume... /private:/private
Mounting volume... /var/folders:/var/folders

After that you should be able to mount anything under /Users

podman run -ti --rm -v "$HOME:/myhome" ubi8 
[root@ba2054e82401 /]# ls /myhome

Only do podman machine rm as a last resort, because that will delete your containers, and downloaded images, etc.

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    Guess what, with podman 4.7.1 the issue came back... or to me more precise with fedora-core-39 podman machine as is the one that seems to be downloaded. Might be github.com/containers/podman/issues/20081 bug
    – sorin
    Nov 9 at 15:07

Had the same problem on MacOs.

I fixed it when used mount point not from the host machine itself, but from podman virtual machine.

So firstly i mounted the host volume to podman vm:

podman machine init -v $HOST_VOLUME:/mnt/$PODMAN_VM_VOLUME

And after that mounted PODMAN_VM_VOLUME to CONTAINER_VOLUME:

podman run -d -it --name test -v /mnt/$PODMAN_VM_VOLUME:/$CONTAINER_VOLUME

Apart from mounting a volume at the podman machine init I had to additionally run:

podman machine set --rootful podman-machine-default

and then it worked for me for a yaml file with Compose.

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