I am currently making some changes in the default pattern capture group token filter code to meet my requirement. I am a beginner in Java, so I'm finding it a bit hard to fully understand the code and make changes. I have successfully done my changes in the increment token() method and got the desired result as per my requirement. However, I am stuck while making changes in the preserveOriginal part of the code.

I only want help regarding understanding the following code and rest I will do the changes myself. Can anyone please help in understanding the working of this code like what is happening here?

        if (preserveOriginal) {
            currentMatcher = 0;
//            offsetAtt.setOffset(222, 333);
//            offsetAtt.setOffset(offsetAtt.startOffset() , offsetAtt.endOffset());
        } else if (nextCapture()) {
            final int start = matchers[currentMatcher]
            final int end = matchers[currentMatcher]

            // if we start at 0 we can simply set the length and save the copy
            if (start == 0) {
            } else {
                charTermAttr.copyBuffer(spare.chars(), start, end - start);

Link to the entire code file is:


Any help will be very useful.


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