I would like to comment this with a line

{% if something.property %}

{% # this is a comment %}
{% if something.property %}

As answer by Miles, {% comment %}...{% endcomment %} is used for multi-line comments, but you can also comment out text on the same line like this:

{# some text #}
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    True, but if you have an {% extends "file.html" %} tag you should put that on the very top of the template file even before the {% comment %}...{% endcomment %}, otherwise you'll get an <ExtendsNode: extends "file.html"> must be the first tag in the template error. I am saying that in case someone wants to place the multi-line comments on the top of the template. – pebox11 Jun 19 '15 at 2:03

Comment tags are documented at https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/stable/ref/templates/builtins/#std:templatetag-comment

{% comment %} this is a comment {% endcomment %}

Single line comments are documented at https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/stable/topics/templates/#comments

{# this won't be rendered #}

Using the {# #} notation, like so:

{# Everything you see here is a comment. It won't show up in the HTML output. #}

In contrast to traditional html comments like this:

<!-- not so secret secrets -->

Django template comments are not rendered in the final html. So you can feel free to stuff implementation details in there like so:


{% comment %}
    The other half of the flexbox is defined 
    in a different file `sidebar.html`
    as <div id="sidebar-main">.
{% endcomment %}

Single line:

{# jquery latest #}

    beware, this won't be commented out... 
    actually renders as regular body text on the page

I find single line comments especially helpful for <a href="{% url 'view_name' %}" views that have not been created yet.


Multiline comment in django templates use as follows ex: for .html etc.

{% comment %} All inside this tags are treated as comment {% endcomment %}

This way can be helpful if you want to comment some Django Template format Code.

{#% include 'file.html' %#} (Right Way)

Following code still executes if commented with HTML Comment.

<!-- {% include 'file.html' %} --> (Wrong Way)

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