I'm new to CoffeeScript, and I seem to be having trouble with the syntax for calling methods.

Here's the Card model:

class exports.Card extends Backbone.Model
    pip:   '4'
    suit:  '♠'
    color: 'b'

  rows: ->
    rows =
      '4': [2, 0, 2]

And the relevant portion of the template:

<ul class="col cols-<%= @card.rows()[0] %>">

which is giving me the error Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'rows'

Specifically, I'm wondering if I'm using incorrect syntax for the rows method of Card or if I'm just misunderstanding something. Thanks in advance!


For some reason, @card.property always works fine, but @card.any_method() never does. I've gotten around this at the moment by using properties, but I'd love it if someone was able to explain this behavior. Thanks again!

Update 2:

I'm using http://brunchwithcoffee.com if it's a help to anyone, and here's the main.coffee file to show how the @card instance is being created and passed to the view.

window.app = {}
app.routers = {}
app.models = {}
app.collections = {}
app.views = {}

Card = require('models/card_model').Card
MainRouter = require('routers/main_router').MainRouter
HomeView = require('views/home_view').HomeView
CardView = require('views/card_view').CardView

# app bootstrapping on document ready
$(document).ready ->
  app.initialize = ->
    app.routers.main = new MainRouter()
    app.views.home = new HomeView()
    app.views.card = new CardView(model: new Card(color: 'r', suit: '♥', pip: '7'))
    app.routers.main.navigate 'home', true if Backbone.history.getFragment() is ''
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    How was @card created? As new exports.Card? Does it pass the test @card instanceof exports.Card? – Trevor Burnham Aug 26 '11 at 19:58
  • updated to show how the @card is being created – mportiz08 Aug 26 '11 at 20:58
  • Style tip: You can write {Card} = require 'models/card_model' instead of Card = require('models/card_model').Card. – Trevor Burnham Aug 27 '11 at 15:59

Your method calling syntax is correct. The relevant rules for CoffeeScript are:

  • Parenthesis are optional for method calls invoked with arguments ie

    object.method 1,2 


  • Parenthesis are required for method calls invoked with no arguments ie


To see how this works try running the following code on the 'Try CoffeeScript' editor on the CoffeeScript site:

class A
  method: ->
    console.log "A"

(new A()).method();

Since your method call syntax is correct it seems likely that the problem is that the @card variable is not an instance of the exports.Card class.

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  • hm, i'm really confused then--@card is definitely an instance of the Card class, as I'm able to safely to <%= @card.pip %> one of the previous lines in the view – mportiz08 Aug 26 '11 at 7:29
  • you were right--@card was actually the toJSON() equivalent of what I was thinking it was – mportiz08 Aug 27 '11 at 1:04

The problem is that pip isn't a property of the Card instance; it's a property of Card::defaults, so Backbone then makes it an attribute of the Card instance—not a property. You can access the pip attribute with

card.get 'pip'

or directly as


The reason for this distinction is that, in JavaScript, there's no way to monitor a property for changes, which Backbone needs to do in order to dispatch events. (If you modify pip with card.set 'pip', then Backbone fires a "change" event, for instance.)

So, your code should work fine if you just change the last line of the rows method:

rows: ->
  rows =
    '4': [2, 0, 2]
  rows[@get 'pip']

(Note: Getters/setters are supported in some JS environments, which would allow you to map card.pip = ... to card.set 'pip', ... See John Resig's article on it here. Backbone doesn't use this approach because it aims to be compatible with all modern-ish browsers.)

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  • thanks for the clarification on properties versus attributes, but i'm still getting the 'has no method' error when calling any method on @card – mportiz08 Aug 26 '11 at 18:22

Finally figured it out--I forgot that the @card variable referenced in the template didn't originate from the main.coffee file--it was actually being converted into JSON in the CardView here:

cardTemplate = require('templates/card')

class exports.CardView extends Backbone.View
  tagName:   'div'
  className: 'card'

  render: ->
    $(@el).html cardTemplate(card: @model.toJSON())

Now it makes sense why only variables were working and not methods -- @card was actually a JSON representation of the model instance.

Thanks for all the suggestions/clarifications guys--sorry for the dumb mistake :P

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