i am having this error while trying to create my jhipster project. I installed git but can't deal with this error:

Application commit to Git failed from C:\Users\Asma\App2.
Try to commit manually.
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    Not an angular issue, please remove the angular tag
    – temp_user
    Apr 27 at 13:01
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    Not [spring] or [java] either.
    – Stephen C
    Apr 27 at 13:03
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    Does committing manually work? Apr 27 at 13:03
  • it's my first time. I hope you can help me to commit manually. Apr 27 at 13:24
  • You probably got more messages before the error from jhipster, please edit your question to paste more details. Committing manually means that you should try to execute git commit from your project directory C:\Users\Asma\App2. It will probably fail also but with more details that will help to solve the issue. Apr 27 at 16:50


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