How do I find files not containing some text on Linux? Basically I'm looking for the inverse of the following

find . -print | xargs grep -iL "somestring"

The command you quote, ironically enough does exactly what you describe. Test it!

echo "hello" > a
echo "bye" > b
grep -iL BYE a b

Says a only.

I think you may be confusing -L and -l

find . -print | xargs grep -iL "somestring"

is the inverse of

find . -print | xargs grep -il "somestring"

By the way, consider

find . -print0 | xargs -0 grep -iL "somestring"

Or even

grep -IRiL "somestring" .
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    accepting your answer, it's recursive and inverse of find I wanted: grep -IRiL "somestring" . – eon Aug 26 '11 at 13:15

You can do it with grep alone (without find).

grep -riL "somestring" .

This is the explanation of the parameters used on grep

     -L, --files-without-match
             each file processed.
     -R, -r, --recursive
             Recursively search subdirectories listed.

     -i, --ignore-case
             Perform case insensitive matching.

If you use l lowercase you will get the opposite (files with matches)

     -l, --files-with-matches
             Only the names of files containing selected lines are written

If you use "find" the script do "grep" also in folder:

[root@vps test]# find  | xargs grep -Li 1234
grep: .: Is a directory
[root@vps test]#

Use the "grep" directly:

# grep -Li 1234 /root/test/*
[root@vps test]#

or specify in "find" the options "-type f"...even if you use the find you will put more time (first the list of files and then make the grep).


Find the markdown file through find and grep to find the mismatch

$ find. -name '* .md' -print0 | xargs -0 grep -iL "title"

Directly use grep's -L to search for files that only contain markdown files and no titles

$ grep -iL "title" -r ./* --include '* .md'

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