Maybe someone has had the same problems and can help us, or we find a solution together and it can help other developers in the future.

Which Android Video SDK version? zoom-video-SDK-android-1.2.3

  1. We create some JWT Tokens regarding the docs and watch out that we use alphanumeric characters and limit the length (we used UUID as a base for "tpc", the session ID)


    “iat”: 1651186584,
    “exp”: 1651204584,
    “app_key”: “****”,
    “version”: 1,
    “role_type”: 1,
    “user_identity”: “a persons name”,
    “session_key”: “62f6f230c14c49308069510fe280eb8c”,
    “tpc”: “1182249090cb4e29a8ece25e2c46255c”
  1. on the Android client, the session will be created/joined regarding the docs: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/video/android/essential/create-join-session
val params = ZoomVideoSDKSessionContext().apply {
    sessionName = “1182249090cb4e29a8ece25e2c46255c” //tpc
    sessionPassword = null
    userName = “a persons name”
    token = jwt
    audioOption = audioOptions
    videoOption = videoOptions

The result is always a "2003" error, meaning there "is something wrong" https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/video/android/errors/, the suggestion is plain "Please double-check the information passed to join the Session".

Has someone had similar experiences and finally find a solution? In the zoom developer forums, there are many questions regarding 2003s and it seems that for some fields there are certain constraints, which are not propagated to the documentation.

Thanks in advance,


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