In my app i am allowing users to enter there current city, for that i need an organised list of countries, states and cities on my server.

I am looking for an api that's available on net through which i get can download orgainsed list of countries, states and cities and store it on my server in format of my choice in db.

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I am not looking for functionality of how to do or implement this, Iam actually looking for a place (website) from where i can download countries list respective states and cities in .zip/.rar format or make web-requests to an url and that url returns me list of countries/states/cities in any format (i will handle the format) , that i can process and store on my server in Database.


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Have a look at this API. May be helpful and it's free.


The United Nations maintain a list of locations around the world which is fairly comprehensive. you could also look at using data from OpenStreetMap, although you may find the data quality varies regionally.


You might want to look at SimpleGeo as well, https://simplegeo.com/tools/

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