I'm testing this tutorial with non-IID distribution for federated learning: https://www.tensorflow.org/federated/tutorials/tff_for_federated_learning_research_compression

In this posted question TensorFlow Federated: How to tune non-IIDness in federated dataset? it suggested to use tff.simulation.datasets.build_single_label_dataset() as a way to produce a non-IID distribution for the dataset.

I tried to apply that first (see the code) and got an error !

emnist_train, emnist_test = tff.simulation.datasets.emnist.load_data(
emnist_train1 = tff.simulation.datasets.build_single_label_dataset(
  label_key='label', desired_label=1)


OrderedDict([('label', TensorSpec(shape=(), dtype=tf.int32, name=None)), ('pixels', TensorSpec(shape=(28, 28), dtype=tf.float32, name=None))])


tf.Tensor(1, shape=(), dtype=int32)



def reshape_emnist_element(element):
  return (tf.expand_dims(element['pixels'], axis=-1), element['label'])

def preprocess_train_dataset(dataset):
  return (dataset
          .batch(CLIENT_BATCH_SIZE, drop_remainder=False)

emnist_train1 = emnist_train1.preprocess(preprocess_train_dataset)

>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-17-cda96c33a0f6> in <module>()
     15           .map(reshape_emnist_element))
---> 17 emnist_train1 = emnist_train1.preprocess(preprocess_train_dataset)

AttributeError: 'MapDataset' object has no attribute 'preprocess'

Since dataset is filtered, it is not able to preprocess! So, in this case, it is filtered based on what label?

... label_key='label', desired_label=1)

the desired label = 1 for which label in EMNIST?

My Question is:

How can I apply this function tff.simulation.datasets.build_single_label_dataset() to get non-IID dataset (different number of samples for each client) in this specific tutorial ! https://www.tensorflow.org/federated/tutorials/tff_for_federated_learning_research_compression in details without error regarding the filtered dataset!

Appreciate any help!

Thanks a lot!

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Possibly there is some confusion between the tff.simulation.datasets.ClientData and tf.data.Dataset APIs that would be useful to cover.

tf.data.Dataset does not have a preprocess method, with tff.simulation.datasets.ClientData.preprocess does exist.

However, tff.simulation.datasets.build_single_label_dataset uses tf.data.Dataset instances: both the input argument and the output result as tf.data.Dataset instances. In this case, emnist_train1 is a tf.data.Dataset which does not have a preprocess method.

However, all is not lost! The preprocess_train_dataset function takes a tf.data.Dataset argument, and returns a tf.data.Dataset result. This should mean that replacing:

emnist_train1 = emnist_train1.preprocess(preprocess_train_dataset)


emnist_train1 = preprocess_train_dataset(emnist_train1)

will create a tf.data.Dataset with only a single label ("label non-IID") that is shuffled, repeated, batched, and reshaped. Note that a single tf.data.Dataset is generally used to represent one user in the federated algorithm. To create more, with a random number of batches, something like the following could work:

client_datasets = [
   emnist_train1.take(random.randint(1, MAX_BATCHES))
   for _ in range(NUM_CLIENTS)

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