In my list of hypothesis, I have:

X : Type
l' : list X
n' : nat
H : S (length l') = S n'

My goal is length l' = n'.

So I tried f_equal in H. But I get the following error:

Syntax error: [tactic:ltac_use_default] expected after [tactic:tactic] (in [vernac:tactic_command]).

Am I wrong in thinking I should be able to apply f_equal to H in order to remove the S on both sides?

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f_equal is about congruence of equality. It can be used to prove f x = f y from x = y. However, it cannot be used to deduce x = y from f x = f y because that is not true in general, only when f is injective.

Here it is a particular case as S is a constructor of an inductive type, and constructors are indeed injective. You could for instance use tactics like inversion H to obtain the desired equality.

Another solution involving f_equal would be to apply a function that removes the S like

Definition removeS n :=
  match n with
  | S m => m
  | 0 => 0

and then use

apply (f_equal removeS) in H.

f_equal tells you that if x = y, then f x = f y. In other words, when you have x = y and need f x = f y, you can use f_equal.

Your situation is the reverse. You have f x = f y and you need x = y, so you can't use f_equal.

If you think about your conclusion, it is only true when S is an injection. You need a different tactic.

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    Since Sis a constructor, the tactic injection Hwill work. May 2 at 19:52

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