I have a simple route defined and for this route I want to define an outgoing interceptor so that on any request done, I would invoke an enricher that sets specific header.

  .log(">>> ${body.id}")
  .log(">>> ${body.name}")
  .process(new Processor() {
      public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception {
          MyBean bodyIn = (MyBean) exchange.getIn().getBody();
  .setHeader(Exchange.HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE, constant(200));

I've tried to define an implementation of AbstractPhaseInterceptor but it is not invoked. What am I doing wrong?

public class HeaderEnricherInterceptor extends AbstractPhaseInterceptor<Message> {

    public HeaderEnricherInterceptor() {

    public void handleMessage(Message message) {
        log.debug("Message interceptor start enrichment...");

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You are using an interceptor used by apache cxf, I don't think there is such a use in camel. can you check out https://camel.apache.org/components/3.16.x/eips/intercept.html

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