I have to click checkbox for term & conditions. I have used .click() and .check in my code. But when I am running the code, it's clicking on the terms & conditions and it's redirecting to another page. can you suggest any help. below is my html enter image description here

When I hover mouse to ::before and ::after checkbox is highlighting. enter image description here

await this.page.locator('#lb-confirm').click()

await this.page.locator('#lb-confirm').check

Edit: I have tried with jquery in console and able to click checkbox. $('#dr-cb-confirm').trigger('click') with above code, how can I convert to playwright code. I have tried with below code await page.locator(''#dr-cb-confirm').click() .. Playwright was tried to click and but not finally it was exited from execution.

  • Please post your code. Images don't count as code, post it at text.
    – cloned
    May 4 at 9:43
  • 1
    Shouldn't you click on #dr-cb-confirm ?
    – hardkoded
    May 4 at 12:37
  • @hardkoded, Yes, I have used but #dr-cb-confirm but no use. When I hover to ::after or ::before checkbox is highlighting.
    – BugBee
    May 4 at 14:21

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I found the solution. Since I was unable to click checkbox, I have jQuery to click the checkbox $('#dr-cb-confirm').trigger('click') . When I want to call the jQuery command in playwright I have installed jQuery library using npm i --save-dev @types/jquery. Then I have updated my code with jQuery await this.page.evaluate(() => $('#dr-cb-confirm').trigger('click'))

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