I am trying to open a URL using cypress but it is giving error in response {"error_code":"E0020000","trace_id":"c2ecd944c52b870ca9d4a014f821f4cd"}

Not sure what this error is. I am using cy.visit("") to launch the URL. I tried this on different browsers but it is giving this error. Please help me with same

  • Also i checked the network tab and one of the login request is throwing 500 internal server error. but when I try to navigate manually then it works fine May 4 at 9:49
  • If you use cy.visit("") in your test then value of baseUrl from cypress.json is being used. May 5 at 17:44
  • @TomaszWojciechowski not sure what u r trying to say here. requesting to please elaborate . May 6 at 4:16
  • Please check information about baseUrl on docs.cypress.io/guides/references/configuration - if you use cy.visit("") in your tests then value for baseUrl in use. May 6 at 14:36


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